Hot Days, Cool Pets: 9 Pet Safety Tips

  1. Water at the ready: Ensure your pet has access to fresh water throughout the day.
    Portable bowls: Take them on walks to encourage drinking.
  2. Avoid midday sun: Schedule walks during cooler times – early morning or evening.
    Shady spots: Ensure outdoor pets have shelter from direct sunlight.
  3. Five-Second Rule: Place your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds. Too hot? It’s too hot for paws. Consider booties: They protect paws from hot surfaces.
  4. Shorter walks: Keep them brief during peak heat.
    Monitor signs: If they pant excessively or seem exhausted, it’s break time.
  5. Never leave pets in cars: Temperatures skyrocket within minutes.
    Carry water: For both you and your pet during travel.
  6. Cool down: Wet towels: Drape over your pet or let them lie on it.
    Kiddie pools: Fill with a shallow amount of water for them to wade.
  7. Brush Often: Removes excess fur and helps them stay cool.Avoid shaving: Some breeds need their coat for sun protection.
  8. Know the Signs of Heatstroke: Heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and vomiting.
    Immediate action: Move to a cooler place, provide water, and contact the vet.
  9. Watch the Humidity: High humidity makes it harder for pets to cool themselves.
    Indoors is best: On humid days, keep them inside with fans or air conditioning.

    Bottom Line: Your pets rely on you for their comfort and safety, especially during the sweltering days of summer. Keep them cool, hydrated, and protected. Summer should be enjoyable, not harmful. 

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